At Fit4Dreams the secret is simple. We care about you.

That's how we make the impossible possible when it comes to your fitness. We take a stand for you and your fitness so you get the results you want.

Our great team of trainers use our fitness expertise to build outdoor sessions you'll love. They're seamless fitness adventures with boxing, medicine balls, weights and resistance bands.

The Fit4Dreams Team: Our History, Service & Commitment.

The unique experience of David McIlwaine is behind Fit4Dreams. You can read more about his inspirational fitness story published in Inside Sport.

From there, Fit4Dreams rolled on as David started part-time with personal training in November 2003. Driven by a mantra of patience and consistency clients benefitted from Fit4Dreams full-time commitment.

Training techniques learned with professional teams created massive strength gains and huge weight loss results. People achieved the fitness levels they dreamed about and had fun doing it. You couldn't wipe the smiles from their face as they took on new adventures in their lives. Demand grew and programs like Mums Squad , Whole Family Fitness & our Elite Events Preparations took on a life of their own.

Our Team

Through all our training our clients feel as though they're part of a team. Our trainers create that feeling and they are able to do that because they are excellent.

So if you love being part of something special, where expert trainers guide you to being fit then Fit4Dreams is for you.

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