Wet & Dry Summer Sessions

This awesome combination of running and swimming is fantastic for your body.

You do weights, ropes, medicine balls or plyometric exercise on the beach before launching into the water for a set of short swimming exercises. To add to your effort, you wade and sprint through the water to really get your heart racing.

It's just perfect for summer. You don't need to be a keen swimmer. Everyone that can swim can do Wet & Dry. It's heaps of fun and delivers great strength, toning and cardio results using the beach in the summer months.

We hold Wet & Dry Sessions, or Wet & Wild as some people call them, in some of our set Fit4Dreams Sessions at Balmoral and designated Mums Squad sessions at both Balmoral & Clontarf.  Most people wear swimmers, board shorts or cross-training tights or skins. You might like goggles and it's important to bring water to drink and wear sunscreen.

Take a look at the video below or check out the timetable for the next available session.