Spartan Sprint Race- Lizard Log, Abbotsbury NSW

This elite events program has grown out of the resounding success of Tough Mudder Elite Events. And it is absolutely superb for driving your fitness to a crescendo in 2018.

Spartan Australia is on again as we head for summer in 2018, this time on the Horsley Drive at Abbotsbury NSW on a brand new site that promises challenges galore. 

The program starts on Wednesday 22 August and runs for 6 weeks. 

Here's a quick rundown of what the race involves:

The Spartan Sprint provides a 7k-10/25 obstacle course featuring challenging terrain combined with obstacles created to test your physical strength and mental resolve.


Running, climbing, jumping, swinging, crawling and dodging are all part of the course in a Spartan Race. This endurance race consists of hills, trails, mud and custom-built obstacles designed to make every racer push themselves more than ever. Expect the unexpected at every muddy turn!

Unlike the Tough Mudder, there is no option to miss obstacles. If you, or fail to complete one, there is a 30 burpee penalty.

Here's how the program works:

  • You train at least three times a week with Fit4Dreams or Mums Squad with childcare for you children (if you need it).
  • At least one of those sessions must be an extension session i.e. back to back sessions on a Saturday or booking in an extra 30 minute extension session to one of our weekday sessions.
  • You can do more than one extension session/as many as you can fit in as long as you are not the only one doing it
  • You start your extension sessions from Wednesday 22 August


You pay your regular training fees for training 3 times per week.

$220 fee covers as many extension sessions as you can do. Any childcare you need for extension sessions is included at no extra cost for your extension sessions.

Race Entry

You will need to handle your own race entry.

Email to book your place