SMH Half Half Marathon Training 

The SMH Half Marathon is held on the 3rd Sunday in May. In 2019 it's on Sunday the 19th of May.

Click here to send an email invitation for the SMH Half Marathon Elite Events Team to someone you care about   .

It's a big step up from the Mothers Day Classic but we run these programs together.

You do your short work on a Wednesday with the Mothers Day Classic Team and then step up for a longer run on a Sunday Morning between 6.30am and 8am to build your endurance event for this 21km challenge.

It's a great way to build the fitness you need for this gruelling event.

Elite Event Fees for SMH Half are based on a Wednesday and Sunday session with the Mothers Day Classic team. 


  • $420 without childcare. 

  • Childcare is added at $18 per child per session.

You can pay upfront or by direct debit. Book your place here.


  • Wednesday Sessions will start on 20 March 2019

  • The first Sunday session is on 24 March 2019 at 6.00am at Balmoral.

  • Training will not be held on Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019

  • Sessions go for between 60 and 120 minutes.

  • The Race is on Sunday 19 May. Everyone is responsible for their own entry. You can enter the race at the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon.

  • You can make up Elite Events sessions you miss at the other Elite Events Session or any of our training sessions.

  • We need 6 starters to train a team.

Training Dates

  1. Wednesday 20 March 9.30am Balmoral

  2. Friday 22 March 6am-7am Balmoral

  3. Sunday 24 March 6am Balmoral

  4. Wednesday 27 March 9.30am Balmoral

  5. Friday 29 March 6am-7am Balmoral

  6. Sunday 31 March 6am Balmoral

  7. Wednesday 3 April 9.30am Balmoral

  8. Friday 5 April 6am-7am Balmoral

  9. Sunday 7 April 6am Balmoral

  10. Wednesday 10 April 9.30am Balmoral

  11. Friday 12 April 6am-7am Balmoral

  12. Sunday 14 April 6am Balmoral

  13. Wednesday 17 April 9.30am Balmoral

  14. Friday 19 April 6am-7am Balmoral

  15. Saturday 20 April 6am Balmoral

  16. Wednesday 24 April 9.30am Balmoral

  17. Friday 26 April 6am-7am Balmoral

  18. Sunday 28 April 6am Balmoral

  19. Wednesday 1 May 9.30am Balmoral

  20. Friday 3 May 6am-7am Balmoral

  21. Sunday 5 May 6am Balmoral

  22. Wednesday 8 May 9.30am Balmoral

  23. Friday 10 May 6am-7am Balmoral

  24. Sunday 12 May Mothers Day Classic

  25. Wednesday 15 May 9.30am Balmoral