Pre-Ski & Snowboard Training

A snow holiday can be a holiday of a lifetime. It's exciting from start to finish but you want to be physically ready to get the most from it.

An investment in yourself before you go can save you at every front. For a start it helps you get back into your ski gear, prevents injury, muscle soreness and increases the number of runs you can do each day. You'll improve your balance, endurance and decision making on the slopes.

Our trainers all have great experience riding on the snow and our pre-ski program has been designed by Julie Nantel who boasts 12 years experience in ski racing teams and ski instructing.

All training is charged at our PT & Buddy Rates for the Pre-Ski & Snowboard Program.

  • PT is $95 a session unless you book more than one session per week when it drops top $90.
  • Buddy Training 
    • $60 each for two people
    • $55 each for three people
    • $50 each for four people.
  • Nutrition Package $300