Personal Training

Personal Training is all about getting the best from yourself with highly focused attention from a fitness expert.

Make a start on being fit, take your existing fitness to a new level, prepare for a big event like a race, ski adventure or even your wedding.

Whatever you want to do, our personal training makes you accountable to a fitness expert who will coach and guide you on being fit. Not just now but for good.


Our trainers are available in the City, on the North Shore and Northern Beaches at $95 per session.

For more savings try our Buddy Training Program to get fit with a friend or someone you love. 

PT Sessions bookings are $95 per hour session.

Part PT Sessions bookings are $85 anytime up to 45 minutes.

Fees for 1 hour long Buddy Sessions are as follows:

  • Buddy 2- $60 each

  • Buddy 3- $55 each

  • Buddy 4- $50 each

  • Buddy 5- $45 each

  • Buddy 6- $40 Each

  • Buddy 7- $35 Each

  • Buddy 8- $35 Each

When you combine your training with our Dietician's Healthy Eating Consultation package the value is just exceptional because your training is so much more effective. Better still, you'll be armed with the knowledge to sustain the changes you make.

Get Started

Please call 0414 138 778 to make your enquiry or go to our booking form so that we can know a little bit more about you when we call you. Click here to complete your form