Mums Squad

Mum Squad is an exciting outdoor fitness program with childcare. Reach your fitness goals and enjoy the confidence you get from feeling fit, toned and strong.

Start at your pace walking through body-weight exercises progressing to jogging, boxing, weights and  exercise circuits.

Everyone is a mum who has made to make a return to fitness after having children so a team feeling builds quickly during our hour long sessions. Starting with two sessions a week is best and we prefer it so you can achieve your goals with certainty.

You can make-up any sessions you miss to help keep you consistent so that you get all the training you need to get fit. Better still you'll have fun and make friends into the bargain.


  • One Mums Squad Session per week: $29.70
  • Two Mums Squad Session per week: $56.10
  • Three Mums Squad Sessions per week: $81
  • Childcare: $9.90 per session per child
  • Make-up Flexibility: $9.90 per week

If you train twice a week the cost is $56.10. If you need to bring a child to those two sessions add $9.90 per session per child or $19.8 per week for two childcare places.

When you need the extra flexibility of Mums Squad make-ups it's an extra $9 per week so the total cost is $84.90 per week for this example. If you don't want to pay the fee, do your make-ups at 6am or on a Saturday.

For more details check or if you'd like to make a start click here for our booking form