Group Training Bootcamps and Specialised Training

Fitness breakthroughs are our specialty. We run dynamic outdoor sessions. Circuits, boxing, games, medicine ball drills and cross-country adventures where exciting group efforts help you lift to new fitness levels. We think of them as performance group training groups but lots of people call them Sydney's Best Bootcamps.

If you look at the list below we have bootcamp style training in the early morning and on Saturdays. Then we distinguish ourselves by having industry leading programs for people who share the same life goals and challenges. For instance we have Mums Squad, Elite Events Groups and our Women's Baby Boomers Group.

Come to your training sessions to get the results you want. Stay consistent by making up sessions you miss at other Fit4Dreams Group Training Sessions or Whole Family Fitness Sessions. Even do extra sessions in advance if you know you will be missing sessions in the future.

Medball Instruction

Train once a week or every session we've got. There are always more challenges you can take on. Try our bonus No Lip Service Sessions or join in our Elite Events Teams.

We have morning and evening Sessions. Check out our timetable to see what will work for you.

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All our program commitments are for three months or 13 weeks. Pay by weekly direct debit:

  • Once a week $24.20
  • Twice a week $44
  • Three times a week $59.50
  • All you can train: $66
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You can see all the fees for our Mums Squad Sessions here

Click here for info and fees in our Corporate Wellness or Sports Preparation Programs

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