Our wedding training secret is simple. Get active and eat well. Only problem is, there’s nothing secret about it! You can buy all the diet books you want. That’s what they’ll tell you a hundred ways over.

The difference is, we know what “get active and eat well” really means and that’s what you’ll learn at Fit-to-Wed. We hear that voice inside your head that says: “You can’t” and we prove to you that you can. Positive thinking will become true belief and you will “Be Inspiring.”

Your breakthrough will be to make the commitment to the Fit-to-Wed program. 

Once you’ve done that, our dedication to you and your Wedding Day goals will make sure they happen, with help from our Fit-to-Wed Nutrition programs!

In the Fit-to-Wed Program you must train with us at least three times a week. All training is charged at our regular training rates, whether it's Group, PT or Buddy training. You must combine your training with our $350 Nutrition Package in the Fit-to-Wed Program. If you've never trained with us before, and you start with your partner the nutrition package for both of you will be $500, saving $200.

  • PT is $95 a session unless you book more than one session per week when it drops top $90.
  • Buddy Training 
    • $60 each for two people
    • $55 each for three people
    • $50 each for four people.
  • Group Training
    • Once a week $22
    • Twice a week $40
    • Three times a week $54.
    • All you can train: $60
  • Nutrition Package $300
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