The fitness of thousands of people has been positively impacted by Fit4Dreams.

Fit-to-Wed, Mums Squad, The Fun Squad, No Lip Service, Elite Events, Team Training, Corporate Wellness Programs and Fit4Dreams have all grown from the life-changing experience of David McIlwaine and his desire to help people be fit enough to enjoy the game of life.

David had a great start with extensive support from his family and great experience in swimming, athletics, rugby, rowing and weights training since he was 11 years old. Not a star but a good trier who everyone was happy to help.

Even so, David was always soft around the edges. Worse still as he got older, a couple of kilos settled around his waist every year. “It’s bad genetics” he’d say. Yeah right!  

David blew-out from a fit-looking 21-year-old racing around at 72 kilos to a lumbering 30-year-old nudging 90 on the scales. With obesity in the family, David could see how it happens and it was looming on the horizon.

Click here to read the inspirational story published in Inside Sport

Click here to read the inspirational story published in Inside Sport

A journalist at the time, his solution seemed crazy: Start boxing, make a story out of it and get fit in the process. Despite David’s lack of talent Jeff Fenech, Australia’s three time world champion, allowed him into Team Fenech. Jeff’s head in the  trainer Billy Hussein took David under his wing and the transformation began! 

Six days a week David trained with the most dedicated and professional sportsmen in the country. The experience was an honour and a privilege. A dietician started David eating properly and he dropped 17 kilos in 6 months. 14 of them peeled off in just three.

At that point Australian Judo Representative Alex Taylor agreed to become David's strength coach and he packed on some muscle as well!

Now David was no great shakes as a fighter. He won one and lost one. You can read all about it in Inside Sport But at 32 years of age he was fitter than at any time in his life and he realised how good it was. What’s more, he thought: “If I can do it, so can anyone! 

The motivational key to David’s fitness success was the fact he was fighting. Now clearly that’s not for everyone. So David searched for another driving force.

Soon to be married David found the answer. What about your Wedding Day? It’s more important than any fight night and just as motivating! You want to be ready! You want to look and feel your best!

But before long David was married himself, a baby was on the way and a whole new spectrum of lives challenges presented themselves.

So that's where Fit4Dreams came from. It's about meeting life's challenges and living your dreams. If you ask David he’ll tell you he achieved more than he ever thought possible by using the same programs and support team he’s designed for you.

Experience has taught David you can do more than you expect. That’s what he did and that’s what Fit4Dreams offers.