Buddy Training

Buddy Training gets you fit with friends and loved ones. Terrific training, resounding results and a time to remember.

You get the most out of every minute you spend training with expert coaching and personalised attention. Better still, use savings on individual Personal Training sesssions to turn the PT sessions you've budgeted for into two, three or even four buddy sessions per week.

PT Sessions are $95 per session, Fees for 1 hour long Buddy Sessions are as follows:

  • Buddy 2- $60 each

  • Buddy 3- $55 each

  • Buddy 4- $50 each

  • Buddy 5- $45 each

  • Buddy 6- $40 Each

  • Buddy 7- $35 Each

  • Buddy 8- $35 Each

We also have special offers available on consultations with our dietician, Andressa Sanfelice, to improve the effectiveness of your training and the sustainability of your results.