Away for three weeks I really want to get back into my fitness after lots of injuries. I'm down at the snow with @tmacexpress and love skiing but the farm we're staying on is a natural fitness wonderland and I want to get back to basics and feel fitter again. Stay tuned to the action. It should be fun. I'm calling it "No Easy Way Out" because I'm on such rocky ground and that's the only clue to the name of this series. #roberttepper #montage #changinglives check Fit4Dreams blog posts for workout details.

Here is the workout from Day 1... and in this new age I'm hoping it gives me a better FaceTime/Selfie look. I'm sick of holding the phone just right.

3km Dirt Road Farm Driveway cycle....only slowing for one tricky cattle grate... all in high gear tough up the hills because I've only got city tread... not country and was getting a lot of wheel spin.

  • Dead Lifts x 10 on raised platform
  • Rowing Machine x 12 minutes
  • Squat Presses with 25kg disc keeping it off my chest at all times.
  • 3km Dirt Road Farm Driveway Run with 1 rocky hill run added in as well as split rock decline push-ups
  • 600 skips
  • 2 rounds shadow boxing
  • 4 sets of 5 push-ups 20 mountain climbers
  • 4 hill runs