Pay for 4 sessions over Xmas and get upto 6 Free Festive Fitness Sessions

Christmas is an awesome time but it can take it's toll. And I'm talking kilos of fun.

Last year people got such tremendous value from our special that we are doing it again.

Here's how it works: 

Everybody's eDebit fees stop for the first two weeks of January. That's still happening. BUT if you keep yours going through the Christmas Break you'll will be able to do an extra session each week from the day we go back on Tuesday 9 January all the way through to Saturday 17 March, 2018. That's 11 weeks to use 6 free sessions + 4 sessions you paid for with any regular childcare included*.

I know, it is unbelievable! Better still, if you know you want to get started in 2018, lock in your fees over the Christmas Break and get your 4 sessions that you locked in and 6 free sessions as well.

All you have to do is email me using this link: I say yes to Festive Fitness Special

What a great way to make sure you have your 2018 fitness recovery plan locked in!

*Conditions apply. Namely all Festive Fitness Special or Christmas Recovery Sessions must be used before 24 March 2018. Your childcare is only covered if you pay for it on your regular Mums Squad sessions. This offer is only available to people paying their fees each week on eDebitIf you drop your fees down from your regular payment during the offer you are not eligible for your 6 free sessions. If you only pay for one session per week then you are only eligible for 3 free sessions. The Festive Fitness Special is not available with any Gift Certificates.