It's time to get real. We are bringing some fitness testing back into our programs. Why not join in and start training with Fit4Dreams or Mums Squad and make yourself accountable to you own improvement.

The difference you can make in ten weeks with a little bit of focus and accountability is fantastic. This is what it will involve: 

A 250 metre uphill run

Then do the following three times:

  1. 40 Squats
  2. 20 Push-ups
  3. 40 Mountain Climbers
  4. 20 Frog Sit-ups

Then finish with a 640 metre flat run.

Then you train upto 4 times per week with Fit4Dreams or Mums Squad and build your fitness over 10 weeks before being tested again. Complete our booking form if you want to join in

Every one will receive a time in their test. The person who improves the most in percentage terms  will receive a trophy. We will set-up the tests so that the distances are the same at each training location.

The first round of testing will commence from Wednesday 14 September until Tuesday 20 September and the final round of testing will commence on Wednesday 16 November 2016 until Tuesday 22 November 2016.

Interested to see how you went in our last round of tests? check it out here