The 3 Swims Challenge ushers in summer every year for Fit4Dreams and Mums Squad. We started doing it after one of the swims was cancelled in the 3 Points Challenge and people felt they had done 10 weeks of solid training with no real crescendo-like challenge to top it off.

So we made the 3 Swims Challenge in Balmoral and Chowder Bay a big part of the 3 Points Challenge Program so the conditions don't determine whether you feel like you've completed the program or not. Check out the video. It was great fun this year. 

Everyone loved the 2016 edition so we are going to hold the event three more times in the Summer months. Entry will be $25 and the dates will be:

  1. Sunday January 15 @ 6.30am with Childcare Available
  2. Sunday February 12 @ 6.30am with Childcare Available
  3. Sunday March 5 @ 6.30am with Childcare Available

Childcare will be $15 per child and cover the whole race, which will be between 60-90 minutes... Unbelievably none of the guys turned up for this years event... but rest assured guys are welcome!