Euan Dixon is the second from the left in this photo.. his brother Roddy is on the far left.

Euan Dixon is the second from the left in this photo.. his brother Roddy is on the far left.

If you come to training on a Wednesday morning at 6am you may see Euan Dixon. What an inspiration he is.

Two years ago he won the Kieran Jack Medal for Developing U16 AFL Players. It was a wonderful effort.

Soon afterwards he was skateboarding, fell over and scraped his hip. It healed but he continued to complain about it and then a sore back... Growing pains? You might think so but sadly not.

Euan picked up a staph infection and woke up one night unable to walk. Three months in a wheel chair and his parents were really concerned this Kieran Jack Medal winner may not walk again, let alone play AFL.

But he was determined. Euan returned to school on crutches, with his friends carrying his books and then walking without the crutches. 

Slowly he returned to more normal range of movement and his Dad contacted Fit4Dreams to ask us to help him rebuild his fitness and get him moving about like any normal teenager would.

His balance was off and his endurance was well down on what he was used to but Euan was able to make a start. Personal Training Sessions helped get him back to basic level fitness and then as he got fitter he joined our 6am group training.

I spoke about Euan's predicament to the 6am Wednesday Group and I felt like everyone bought in to this rebuilding project. We added a little more running on a Wednesday morning to cater for his AFL aspirations and bit by bit he started to move up through the group, returning the inspirational contribution that everyone in the group had afforded him.

Today his dad Steve rang me to say that Euan has won the Kieran Jack medal again. What a stunning comeback. It is just excellent and a great effort Euan can be proud of. And so can everyone in the 6am Sessions at Balmoral who have contributed to Euan's fitness efforts through their own.