3PC Elite Events Program 2014

What a race. Out through the surf and back. Run from one beach to the next and the next, through the break at each before running all the way back to finish with a sprint on Sydney's softest sand.

Doing it the pool would be hard enough but the surf adds it's own challenge and makes it something really special. 

Set aside the first Saturday in December because the 3 Points Challenge is a blast that sets you up for summer like no other. The race is always tough so it keeps you motivated.

It's incredible. Take a look at our new video from the last time the surf gods allowed the full race to run. It's brand knew with heaps of footage taken by a big crew of supporters.

This is a great program. Swimming and running. A great commitment with awesome rewards. You have to do two types of training. Running and swimming and you need equipment for both.

Check out all the details on our 3 Points Challenge Elite Events Page by clicking here