Drop a Dress Size with Complete Transformation Fitness 

How good would it be to look in your wardrobe when you're wondering what to wear and think to yourself: "Whatever I want!"

It's a good feeling that might only be topped by going shopping for smaller, sexier clothes.

That's where our drop-a-dress size promotion comes in..... oh yeah and guys don't pretend that you haven't got some crisp new looking shorts siting on your shelf that you can only fit into for a week or two every summer.

This complete transformation gets everyone sorted and the person with the best results wins a a $100 gift card* to help with the shopping!

Here's the Program outline:

  • Weights Recorded and measurements taken to start the program.
  • Weights & Measures recorded at 4 and 8 weeks. 
  • Follow our weekly diet plan every week for the 8 weeks of the program.
  • Buy 2 months of Juice Plus Complete Protein Powder to use as a meal replacement to make sure it's easy for you to get all the high value nutrients without piling in the kilojoules (less than $5 a day).
  • Upgrade your training to three sessions a week.
  • Go to all three every week!
$285 for 60 shakes or 2 monthly payments of $143.50

$285 for 60 shakes or 2 monthly payments of $143.50

The cost of the program is only the regular training costs + The Juice Plus Complete Powder.

Check out the training costs for three sessions per week:

This program will start on Tuesday 7 October and finish on 1  December 2014.

*The person who achieves the greatest percentage improvement in the average of all their  measurements will receive a $100 gift voucher.