Check out the Video from the Tough Mudder

Can't say it enough. Great race that exceeds expectations made easy by everyone working together in a team. The sense of satisfaction was awesome. Fears were conquered and it was so much fun. Check out all the awards in the slideshow and read the comments below from some of our team members.

Just wanted to send an email to thank everyone for being such a fantastic Tough Mudder team on Sunday!!! I loved every moment even though I am suffering badly at the moment with bruises, cuts and wind burn....I am sure I'm not the only's such an achievement and our team was amazing!!! Everyone worked together and we did it!!!!

David you did an amazing job on half an ankle and kept the whole team together!!!! Thank you for your relentless training (it paid off) 

On another note the Spartan Run is coming up in Feb. Anyone interested????

Jo Novak xxxx

Was so much fun guys and such a nice course down there!!! Pretty and hard - what a great combo. So incredibly sore! 

Thanks Nick and David for physically helping us girls over so many of the obstables. We really couldn't have done them without you and sorry if you guys are a little extra sore in your arms!! Bring on next year!!!

Anna Roach 

What a great day! I'm feeling pretty sore at the moment & I'm not sure how I managed to get so many bruises but it was totally worth it. Thank you for being such a great team, I would never have been able to tackle some of those obstacles without everyone's help and encouragement. David, big effort on half an ankle.....but then I could never see you opting out halfway! Till the next one.

Carrie Jelley x

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