Yesterday was a tough day. Cold, windy and wet. Stuck on the bike I was riding into town.

When I arrived at Camp David I stood up on the pedals, looking over to see if anyone was there, secretly hoping for an early shower.

Before you know it I'd slipped of the pedal and sprawled on the road with my backpack making me look like a turtle.

That was it for me. Cold, sore & wringing wet in heavy rain I was ready to talk Cathy Bradbury out of her Camp David session.

Well that wasn't on, Julia Bradbury arrived like the cavalry ready to go: "we're here now!" she says, "and Sally's on her way"

That was too much. Sally hates the rain but she said she'd be there and so she was. It was a first. Conditions were awful but such was the commitment of those three girls that they calmed the winds and almost stopped the rain by the end of the session.