Hi Guys,
Congratulations on joining the Elite Events Team for the 2012, 3 Points Challenge.
Tomorrow the race will be 2 months away.
Ideally we'd start the program yesterday, but because of the Long Weekend, this Wednesday is the first session. This means there are a few things to consider:

  • If Saturday is the first time you train, it's already week two of the program and you miss your first weeks swimming & running goals!
  • If Wednesday is your first time in the water, you'll have two days to reach your swimming & running goals.
  • That's why we are having a training session on Sunday 14 October at Balmoral 7.15am to catch up!
  • The swimming goal for the first week is 3 to 5 km depending on your result in the 12 minute test.
  • The running goal for the first week is 8km

That means this week if you are happy with the bare minimum you you need to do at least 2 swims and one run….. 3 swims and 2 runs would be better.

You can count your Fit4Dreams and Mums Squad Sessions.

To help make all that happen I'm doing laps in the Balmoral Baths tomorrow morning 1 October at 6am. I'm inviting you to come, join in and do 20-40 laps before joining in our Fit4Dreams session at 7.15am for a doubler.

Look forward to seeing you there