This weekend is a Long Weekend. The only sessions we will be having are as follows:

  • Saturday 29 September 6am Balmoral
  • Saturday 29 September 7.15am Balmoral (with Childcare)
  • Saturday 29 September 7am Queenscliff
  • Monday 1 October 7.15am Balmoral (with Childcare)

There will be no other sessions on Monday 1 October which means

  • 6am Balmoral;
  • 8.15am & 9.30am Balmoral Mums Squad and
  • 6.15pm Kirribilli,

will not be on!

So make your make-up plans if you'll miss. You will need to book a place even if these Saturday or Monday sessions are your normal sessions! That way we can ensure we have the right number of childcarers and trainers at the sessions. Click here to book your spot