On Saturday we had a great group at Balmoral. There were lots of Queenscliff trainers there but it was a big group. Everyone trained so well and in more ways than one it seems Holidays are over. It got me thinking about our thoughts, plans and goals for 2012.

New Years is such a relaxing time after Christmas, then there are two birthdays in my family, including my own, and Australia Day. It is just one reason after another to have a party.

It's little wonder New Years Resolutions don't often stand the test of time. The 1st of January is such a logical time to make a change to build the life you want, but it's difficult to do when the Holiday mood prevails.... You can't even find a traffic jam in January but it's not hard to find a party! I can hardly remember a January day when I didn't finish with a drink in my hand.

Great Idea from Weight Watchers. A fresh start for 2012 and some real resolutions.So Weight Watchers have come up with a great idea: True Years Resolutions. Pick something you really want to make happen, make a change and start it from True Years or February 1.

I loved it. What a great idea. It's a second chance at keeping a promise to yourself at a time of year when you can build it in to your life.

At Fit4Dreams, I know that everyone cares about their fitness. Maybe it's time to think about your fitness dreams, choose what you want and do what it takes to make it happen. For me, and perhaps for many, it's time to get my diet supporting all the training I do rather than working at one to offset the other.

It's especially important now that I have turned 41 and have just started to deal with one injury after Click here to join the Fit4Dreams FebFast Team. The password is "febfit"another. Consistency is the key if I want to keep doing all the things I enjoy. So I thought I would start my True Years Resolution with a commitment to FebFast and give up drinking for the month of February. That will help me eat the foods I need to eat and forget the ones I don't. Chips and Cheese being the main offenders.

It's the perfect time after Christmas to take a break from Drinking. It makes a big difference for you, and in a true win-win you help people with drug and alcohol dependency issues.

At New Years my resolutions revolved around focus, discipline, going to bed earlier and creating 12 fun family events that we could remember. Clearly one will help the other and I think taking part in Febfast will help them all come true.

So make it a True Year for your resolutions. Start now and join the Fit4Dreams Febfast team. The password you need is "febfit"