We've been getting some great feedback from our 2012 and we want to keep it going strong. Mel Tully, Tamzin Brown and Julia Higgs have all been winning praise for their energy, excitement and expertise. Julie Nantel has just returned form the Canadian Rockies and her sessions are great as always. Julie Hayworth is forging ahead with our first Yoga Classes ever.

It's been rave reviews across the board. No wonder Fit4Dreams has been firing up and all our Mums Squadders are racing back January Holidays.

On Monday afternoons we've started with training a corporate team between 5-6pm under the Harbour Bridge on the Milson's Point/Kirribilli side of the harbour.

I don't know why I've never trained there before it's a little bit special! I'd like to give everyone a chance to experience it so we''ll trial a new session at the same spot from Monday 6 February at 6.15pm. Send me a note if you'd like to come.

We'll be under the Harbour Bridge directly opposite the entrance to North Sydney Pool. Please feel free to come along for an extra session or invite any of your friends who aren't early risers!

Similarly if you have any contacts in North Sydney we are looking to build up lunchtime sessions with Corporate Fitness Programs. Please let us know.

And don't forget Camp David. It was a great session today. A couple of big guys in Paul Webster and Michael Ward were smashing it out until the little Goliath took on Camp David and Bianca Bates started to take the lead a the end. Unbelievable. Lots of people have tried Camp David and loved it we just need to get everyone there at once. so far the best turnout is 7 and it's usually 6 so its a great little class. If you're keen to try a lunch time workout drop a line!