This Sunday 25th of November we're running our own 3 Swims Challenge at Balmoral at 6.30am. It's the final event in the 3 Points Challenge Elite Events Program that everyone will be doing. An exclamation mark on 9 weeks of training that has seen people swim between 44 and 110km. They've run between 140 and 190km. Its been a wonderful preparation and the improvement is clear.

It's the first time we've run the event at Balmoral so last week we put together a practice event for a few people who will be away.... or just wanted a solid hit out to help them reach their goals this week, which is their last week of hard training.

Here is the chalk-scribed outline of the course...which took everyone longer the an hour and forty-five minutes

It was a bit long and pretty tough but Jenny Sue Callaghan made short work of it.

She did her best run in quite a while, not just once but everytime she pulled herself out of the water. By the end of the race she was back in sight but still out of reach.

Come down this Sunday and watch the real 3 Swims Challenge. It's a handicapped race so we'll be hoping for an exciting finish. The first swimmer sets off at 6.30am and the first finisher should start the final leg at Balmoral Baths at 7.30pm... so get down to the beach, grab a coffee with the family and cheer everyone on.