It's really great to see all the efforts of the Elite Events Team. We've had 360 entries to date in the Library of Success Training Diary, people are striving to meet both their swimming and running goals each week so it's no surprise that the program is working. Everyone looks fitter and is swimming faster.

The surf's been a challenge and the support of the North Curl curl Surf Club has been awesome. Still not everyone has done every surf swim. There is no doubt that training in the surf is the tough part. In many ways it's more daunting that the race itself.

Last year Natalie Kitchen did the 3 Points Challenge and burst into tears at the end. She'd worked hard on her swimming but the challenge of the surf combined with the rough and tumble of the competition was confronting. It was a testimony to her courage that she finished the race.

I wasn't sure if she'd want to do it again but sure enough she was a certain starter.

Her swimming has improved even more. Her running is as good as ever. Still the challenge of the surf remains and last week Natalie thought better of taking on the waves, followed by a 70 metre swim around Suzie on the Rescue Board.

Knowing that she's done the race before I said: "Sure no problem, it's tough conditions today and you shouldn't go in because you feel you have to. Training is harder than the race. Run to South Curl Curl on the sand, come back and see if you want to join the guys when they're doing a shorter swim. But be ready to give your best and get what you get without getting upset!"

Since Natalie had already spent 60 minutes in the pool I thought it was a 50/50 chance at best.

I saw Natalie run off. There was a bit going on so I'm not sure if Natalie went all the way to South Curly on the sand but next time I saw her she was sprinting into the surf. Natalie swam long and hard and did everything that was asked of her. It was awesome.

Natalie could have stayed with her strength on land but chose the her greater challenge, walking through the door that offered the greatest reward.

It was a cold day after two hours in the surf and pool, so when the session finished everyone wanted to get showered and changed, pick-up the kids and go. I caught Natalie briefly and said: "I bet your glad you went in the water."

"Yes I am." she said with a beaming smile of satisfaction that will be a moment I'll remember, and a sure sign of another Fit4Dreams Elite Events Fitness Breakthrough!