Thanks for the wonderful spirit created at the Fit4Dreams & Mums Squad Christmas Party. Almost everyone was there early ready to go, so we made a great start, exercised, hit the water or played our games AND ran the Gauntlet (you have to go to the Party to see it!) before the clock struck 8.20am. Awesome.

It was so good and meant that our nannies were able to look after all 52 children without a hitch. So important. What's more the Children had fun and couldn't believe it Santa yet arrived with gifts for them all. What a sight. Take a look for yourself at our Christmas Party Video:


We handed out some great awards and recipients also received a summer pack in recognition of their efforts.

  • Meiliana Tanumihardja: Best and Most Dedicated nanny
  • Jackie Nissen: Best and Most dedicated trainer for her efforts during the 3 Points Challenge Elite Events Program. Absolutely committed to getting all her training done whether it be her 3 Points Challenge Preparation or Mums Squad
  • Kerstin Axt: Most dramatic fitness improvement
  • Pia Kostiainen: Most dedicated Make-Up Artist, setting a new standard for current Mums Squadders catching up missed sessions at 6 o’clock. A great example for everyone who wants to continue building their training from Mums Squad.
  • Andressa Sanfelice: Unbelievable Help & Support Award
  • Tony Sloan: The “He’s Come a long way to get some amazing Results” Award highlighted by 2.59 for his 1km time trial this year…. when we think back to where he started with us, he has come such a long way through consistency and persistence.

  Special Thanks for the Party go to:

  • Denise McIlwaine: Bed at 1am up at 4am to make sure everyone could enjoy fresh and succulant Fruit Salad (and helped organise everything else!)
  • Michael O'Hanlon & Brad Higgs: Awesome help with the kids, making sure the laughs and good old fashioned fun kept coming think and fast for the little ones.
  • Tim McIlwaine: Interrupted his own fitness comeback to help with party purchases, preparations and referreeing on the day.
  • Patrick Tully: Great work on the Video Camera to capture all the action to have our first ever Christmas Video including all the games excitment
  • Garry McIlwaine: A great host who helped set-up, direct everyone to the various activities, add snipets of video and stills.
  • Trevor Sharp: Stepped off the Plane from England to use all his theatrical skills honed in the Old Dart to direct Santa on his show stopping mission to Balmoral. One for the kids!
  • Andressa Sanfelice, Mel Tully, Julia Higgs & Tamzin Brown: Top training, organisation and referreeing so vital to the success of the Christmas Party!