Terrific training today from everyone and pretty impressive efforts all week.
There's more in store this holiday weekend. Check out the holiday timetable below.

  • Saturday 1 October : Queenscliff Cancelled this week only!
  • Saturday 1 October: Balmoral Only @ 7am with childcare.
  • Monday 3 October : Balmoral Only @7.30am with childcare. There will be no other sessions. If you can't come please book a make-up

All you have to do is book in using our regular session booking form. There is a button in the Members Section of the Mums Squad website covering Public Holiday bookings. It will soon be added to the new Fit4Dreams site as well.
Please book in whether you are using the childcare or not. It's not fair if 40 people turn up on Monday and we only send one trainer because only 20 people told us they were coming.
It's even worse if 12 kids come and we only expect 8 so please book in, no matter what!
Please click here to access our booking form directly.