Touch Football- Quick Summary

If you know touch football here is a quick summary of the variations for the Christmas Party:

  • There is an unlimited touch rule;
  • If you attempt to catch the ball off the kick off and drop it, it doesn't matter- You keep the ball;
  • If you drop it any other time you lose it.
  • You must get back 5 metres in defence
  • There is no play the ball. Just touch it with your foot and pass it.
  • Once you get touched you can not run or score without passing it to someone else.
  • If you get the ball after the other team drops it you can not run without passing it to someone else from the point where it was first dropped.
  • No kicking in general play.
  • Scorers kick off.Click to download a printable copy of all the rules

Touch Football- Rules & Tips

When your team has the ball you are the attacking team:

  • If you drop the ball you lose it, unless you are making a gallant effort to catch it from the kick-off.
  • You can not pass the ball forward.
  • If someone on the other side touches you with the ball you must stop at or go back to the point where you were touched (called playing the mark), tap the ball with your foot and pass it backwards to someone on your team to start the next play.
  • There are unlimited touches. That means your team keeps the ball until someone on your team drops it or your team scores.
  • If someone on the other side knocks the ball down without catching it your team gets the ball back to restart play.
  • You can not kick the ball except to restart play after a try is scored ie the kick-off.
  • If your team scores your team also does the kick-off from halfway so the other team gets a go with the ball.
  • If you drop the ball from the kick-off that is OK, you can just pick it up and run with it.
  • If you run out of bounds with the ball, the other team gets it at the spot where you ran out.
  • You score by putting the ball down over the line. You can not throw or bounce the ball down. You must put it down.

When the other team has the ball you are the defending team

  • You stop someone who is running with the ball by touching them. Sometimes it helps to call out “touch”.
    They need to stop at the point where you touched them and start again by touching the ball to their foot and passing it.
  • The point you touched the attacker is called the mark and they need to stop their or return to the spot before they start the next play. You might like to remind the referee or the other side by saying things like: “What about the mark?” in the hope that they will return to the point where they were touched by you.
  • After you touch someone they must pass it to someone on their team as quick as they like.
  • After you touch someone you must run backwards as fast as you can for at least 5 steps until you are back on-side. Once you are on-side you can take part in the next play.
  • Getting back on side makes the game good. It creates space between the teams and gives everyone a chance to get the ball and have a run. Please make an effort to get back on side. The Referee will call out how far you have to go to get back on side but 5 steps will generally do it.
  • If you touch someone without first running back on side you will be penalised. On side is five steps back from where the player was touched.
  • As soon as a player touches the ball to their foot you can run from your on-side position to make the next touch.
  • If you're not on-side when the next play starts you should run on-side before you get involved again.
  • If you have made a touch and need to get back on side the best thing is to run backwards so you keep your eye on the other side who are generally sneaky.
  • Please see the diagram below for a better idea.
  • Listen to the referee, it’s hard work getting back on side but we’ll make both sides do it….. the other side of the coin is stop where you are touched and tap the ball from the mark!