Aim of Amazing Catch & Pass for Frisbee & Ball

  • One team is given the ball or frisbee.  You get a point by stringing 10 consecutive passes together…. and the other team has to do 10 push-ups whilst the scoring team gets a rest.
  • When your team scores a point the other team gets to restart the play.
  • You can play the game in any direction ie pass anywhere you can find an unmarked player.
  • When a person catches the ball they must stop. They can pivot on one leg but they can not run. It is like netball.
  • Teams play within a square or rectangular field marked by four cones.

You lose Possession before you score a point if someone in your team:

  • Drops it;Click here to download your copy of the Chrismas Party Games Rules
  • Uses a bounce pass
  • Steps outside the field of play;
  • Takes too long to dispose of the ball or Frisbee;
  • Runs whilst in possession;


  • If a defender knocks the ball ot frisbee to the ground, their team gets the ball. It’s a tough rule that rewards good defence.
  • However, You are not allowed to knock the ball or frisbee out of someones hands.
  • Defenders are not allowed to stand within 3 feet of a person with the ball or firsbee.
  • If a defender touches a ball or a frisbee in the air but the attacking team still catches it before it hits the ground, then the pass count starts again.


  • You can pass back and forwards between the same two people. Don't let it happen if you are in defence.
  • If you are passing back and forwards with a team mate, don’t be greedy. It’s that last easy pass that often catches people out.
  • When your team has the ball, run to space so that it is easy to pass the ball to you. So keep moving and work hard to find space.
  • The only way to get a rest is to string 10 passes together and watch the other team do 10 push-ups or some other designated exercise.
  • When you are defending you need to mark up on a person but make sure you respect the three foot rule and give them some room.
  • When you are playing with the frisbee, be patient. People often drop it at the start before they get used to it and start ripping off some classic catches.
  • Use a crocodile catching method to catch the frisbee until you get confident.
  • You must flick the frisbee so it spins and glides. You can not throw it or hand it to someone in your team.
  • Enjoy Yourself!