No Lip Service ("NLS")

No Lip Service Sessions are bonus fitness sessions held before our Group Training Sessions at North Sydney.

They are about setting your own fitness challenges and meeting them with other people who like to train hard. You are your own task master. An agent of fitness empowerment. There is No Lip Service. You train yourself. It is a great way to hone a sharp edge on your fitness or make time when there is none by getting up early.

  • Where: Meet at Ridge St Netball Courts
  • When: 5am Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • What do you do: Read below
  • How Much: Free for existing Clients
  • What about my 6am Session: You do that too!
  • What if I'm late? Check the windscreen on the van for the session we're doing & it's location.

There are three different kinds of No Lip Service Sessions. You do them on your own or with other 5am training buddies. Just ask at your next session to see who will be doing them. Most often there will be a trainer doing them and the session will be seen stuck to windscreen of the Fit4Dreams Van.

Stairs Express to Barangaroo

This is a great run. Meet at the Ridge St Netball Courts at North Sydney, Run down walker street, through the tunnel under the Harbourview Hotel, down to Lavender Bay, around Lavender Bay and past Luna Park. Left after North Sydney Pool you run up the hill to the stairs to the Harbour Bridge. Go over the Bridge, down the stairs on the other side, turn left and run under the bridge using the pedestrial tunnel. Observatory Hill will be on your left as you run straight into Argyle Street and turn left into High Street which goes down and up. The stairs that go down to Hickson Road at the top of the hill.

When you hit Hickson Road it is the 5km turnaround point on this hard 10km run but it is not called Stairs Express for nothing. You have to do each set of stairs at least twice and the aim is to be the one who has done the most and still got back in time for the 6am Session. 

What's more, you work as hard as you can along the 1.5km stretch between the top of each set of stairs on the Harbour Bridge, keeping a split time for both the journey out and the journey back.

Hill Repeats

Run over the pedestrian bridge above the freeway, down the stairs to the bottom of Montpelier St. For starters you can do repeats on Montpelier.

As you get fitter or are looking for more challenges continue on, up and around to the small short steep hill that is called Lindsay Street.

So it goes Montpelier St, Premier St and then Lindsay Street. Do repeats on Montpelier and Lindsay Sts. 

Interval Training & Track Work

All our No Lip Service Sessions inteveral sessions are done on on Bon Andrews Oval. It's good old fashioned track work over 400m, 800m, 1200m or 1600m. 

You set a time for each of your repitions and that includes your rest time. So you might do 800m on 3 minutes. That means you start on go, do your 800m run and then start again when your watch hits 3 minutes. The faster you go the more rest you get. Once you finish your second one you go again when the clock hits 6 minutes.

It's great time based training. It will drive your pace and your fitness. You can pick a time that suits you to start and then you just make it quicker and quicker until you're really fit. Simple!

It can be dark at 5am but the oval is well kept and there is plenty of light from the freeway so don't worry, you'll be OK!