Sensational Summer Fitness: get ready for the 3 Points Challenge on the first Saturday of summer.

This year the 3 Points Challenge is on 07/12/2019.

You battle three surf breaks, three tough swims and three flat out runs. The 3 Points Challenge demands your fitness focus as you countdown to the Race, Summer and Christmas. 

FLEXIBLE TRaining Options with childcare

It's exciting because you tick-off so many goals without even thinking about them. Better still, because we have childcare at most sessions you can do this 3 Points Challenge Program with your partner: It’s quality fitness with awesome fitness results for you both and expert tuition in the surf, while we mind the kids.

Training begins on Thursday 10 October at Balmoral with an hour on land and an hour in the water. It’s the first of 34 sessions in 8 weeks including a practice event in Balmoral to really get you ready.

We have flexible training options so you can get all the swimming training and fitness training you need. As part of the program you get:

  1. Video analysis of your swimming stroke.

  2. Open water swimming squad training.

  3. Swimming programs assigned according to your swimming level

  4. Expert Tuition in the Surf

  5. Water Safety in the surf while you train

  6. An online training program and diary

  7. Your choice of 33 sessions of training


If each year's team is anything to go by, you can expect to achieve:

  • Improved confidence in your swimming, water fitness and ability;

  • Increased running fitness and pace;

  • Weight loss and improved muscle tone;

  • Fantastic fitness returns from the combination of running and swimming;

  • An overwhelming sense of achievement as you achieve something new, improve on last year or just do something you weren't sure you could; and

  • A new energy and motivation for your fitness that you can share amongst a great team.

  • A new relationship with the ocean built on expertise in the surf

Take a look for yourself in our video below.

Life Changing Program Incorporating running and swimming training with underwater video analysis of your swimming stoke, fitness testing, fitness programing during a 10 week program. The first month prepares you for the last 6 weeks where you train in the surf at North Curl Curl Surf club and do our very own practice event. Childcare is available at every session. This is a program that will make a fantastic difference to your summer. 

Love our 3 Points Challenge Program. Every year we have 20 places. People just come back and do it over. Thats how good it is!

3 Pools Challenge

The surf is the big variable in the 3 Points Challenge. Conditions can be tough and depending on your swimming level they can be too much.

So we run the Three Swims Pool Challenge as the official end to this Elite Events Program..... if you then go on to complete the 3 Points Challenge it's just another fitness victory for you!

The 3 Pools Challenge is always held on the last Sunday in November. This year if falls on November 25. This is what it involves:

It will be a handicapped event with at least: 

  • 400m in the Balmoral Baths;

  • Coronation Hill and Bush Track Run;

  • Followed by 400m in the Chowder Bay Baths;

  • Chowder Bay Road Run;

  • 400m in the Balmoral Baths; and

  • A final 1km effort on the soft sand to finish.

The winner will receive the 3 Swims Pool Challenge Perpetual Trophy.

North Curl Curl Surf Club. Where we race and train!

North Curl Curl Surf Club. Where we race and train!

Go to the 3 Points Challenge Website to Enter

Go to the 3 Points Challenge Website to Enter