Summer 2017. The 3 Points + 3 Pools Challenge.

It's your choice....or just do both!

3 Points Challenge

You battle three surf breaks, three tough swims and three flat out runs. The 3 Points Challenge demands your fitness focus as you countdown to the race, Summer and Christmas. It's exciting because you tick-off so many goals without even thinking about them.

Training will begin at 10am on Saturday 15 September & 6.30am on Sunday 16 September 2017 at Balmoral with everyone given a set time to do their first swimming test so that we can set your program, film your stroke underwater and set your goals for the program. 

Everyone will received their customised program and video analysis on their swimming and then go away and work on laying their water fitness foundations before returning after the school holidays to commence the program proper on Sunday 8 October. (We also usually have a bonus session on the Monday of the October long weekend! ) 


If last year's team is anything to go by, you can expect to achieve:

  • Improved confidence in your swimming, water fitness and ability;
  • Increased running fitness and pace;
  • Weight loss and improved muscle tone;
  • Fantastic fitness returns from the combination of running and swimming;
  • An overwhelming sense of achievement as you achieve something new, improve on last year or just do something you weren't sure you could; and
  • A new energy and motivation for your fitness that you can share amongst a great team.

Take a look for yourself in the video below.

2012: 3 Points Challenge Team

2013: 3 Points Challenge Team

3 Pools Challenge

The surf is the big variable in the 3 Points Challenge. Conditions can be tough and depending on your swimming level they can be too much.

So we run the Three Swims Pool Challenge as the official end to this Elite Events Program..... if you then go on to complete the 3 Points Challenge it's just another fitness victory for you!

The 3 Pools Challenge is always held on the last Sunday in November. This year if falls on November 26. This is what it involves:

It will be a handicapped event with at least: 

  • 400m in the Balmoral Baths;
  • Coronation Hill and  Bush Track Run;
  • Followed by 400m in the Chowder Bay Baths;
  • Chowder Bay Road Run;
  • 400m in the Balmoral Baths; and
  • A final 1km effort on the soft sand to finish.

The winner will receive the 3 Swims Pool Challenge Perpetual Trophy currently held by Amanda Robertson.

The Elite Events Program for the 3 Points & Swim Challenges is.....

  • Access to our Library of Success with information, guides and videos for all your swimming and running training. 
  • Access to our Fitness Training Diary & feedback pages
  • 1 x Session of testing, video analysis, program and goal setting
  • 1 x Tailored swimming program to complete in the school holidays in preparation for the first office 3 Points Challenge Session. 
  • 1 bonus swim session on the Monday of the October Long Weekend followed by a Fit4Dreams Dryland session with childcare if needed.
  • 2 x 2 hour Sunday sessions (8 & 15 Nov) at Balmoral with 1 hour of swimming & 1 hour of running with childcare if needed.
  • 6 x 2 hour sessions of training with childcare if needed including ocean surf training with water safety provided by North Curl Curl Surf Club along with  swimming tuition & running training, monitoring, review and expert coaching in the surf in the final 6 weeks leading up to the following events:
  • 3 Swims Challenge on Sunday November 26 at Balmoral which is run by Fit4Dreams and Entry is included in the program fees and
  • The 3 Points Challenge on Sat 2 Dec at North Curl Curl (you need to pay for your own entry into this event).

Childcare support will also be available if you come to Mums Squad sessions at 8.15am and want to do swimming training from 9.30am to 10.30am. Click to book your spot

There will also be Wednesday Sessions available at Balmoral. In these sessions you do the 9.30am Mums Squad Session and then say on from 10.30am to 11.30am for a coached swimming session. 

North Curl Curl Surf Club. Where we race and train!

North Curl Curl Surf Club. Where we race and train!

3 Points Challenge Training Commitment: Times, Venues & Full Program

You can train in the Wednesday Session, the Weekend Sesssions, both days each week or a combination of the two. If you plan to do the 3 Points Challenge you will need to clear space to train on Saturday Mornings from 7am-9am at North Curl Curl and pay the $80 water safety fee.

The first North Curl Curl Session will be on Saturday 22nd October, 2016. 

Wednesday Training- 9.30am to 11.30am with all sessions at Balmoral

  • Starts Wed September 21, 2016 to set up the program, record your video analysis and set your program. You will then do your own preparation training before doing all the Wednesday Sessions until and including Wed Nov 23. (8 Sessions)

Weekend Training starts at Balmoral with two sessions (+1 Free Bonus 6am Session) in the flat water.

  • Sun 6am-9am at Balmoral-Sun 18 September- Testing, Program and Goal Setting with Video Analysis of swimming.
  • Mon 6am-7am at Balmoral- Mon October 5, 2016
  • Sun 6.30am-8.30am at Balmoral- Sun October 9, 2016.
  • Sun 6.30am-8.30am at Balmoral- Sun October 16, 2016.

Saturday Training builds to surf training at Nth Curl Curl with Water Safety starting at 7am

  • Sat 7am-9.00am at North Curl Curl- Sat October 22, 2016.
  • Sat 7am-9.00am at North Curl Curl- Sat October 29, 2016.
  • Sat 7am-9.00am at North Curl Curl- Sat November 5, 2016.
  • Sat 7am-9.00am at North Curl Curl- Sat November 12, 2016.
  • Sat 7am-9.00am at North Curl Curl- Sat November 19, 2016.
  • Sat 7am-9.00am at North Curl Curl- Sat November 26, 2016.

Sunday 3 Swims Pool Challenge at Balmoral on November 27, 2016 @ 6am with Childcare.

3PC Elite Events Training Program Details & Commitments

  • Water Safety will be provided at all Surf Sessions held at North Curl Curl by the North Curl Curl Surf Club.
  • If safety officers from North Curl Curl Surf Club say it is not safe to go in the water on a particular training day, there will be no training in the surf on that day. We will do extra running or pool work instead. There will be no refund of training or water safety fee.
  • You need to handle your own entry for the event. Click here to enter
  • Any session you miss can and should be made up at any one of the other Elite Events Sessions being held;
  • The 3-Points Challenge training is an extra two hour session each week done in addition to your regular training program.
  • You will be given a program to complete in your own time in addition to your regular Mums Squad or Fit4Dreams Sessions;
  • You will be asked to record the details of your training and diet in the Library of Success training diary as an avenue to your elite events breakthrough fitness results;
  • You need to be able to swim at a basic level and be ready to do extra work in the pool to improve your swimming ability and confidence each week by completing the swimming program in your own time and practicing the things you learn in your sessions. PEOPLE WHO PRACTICE THEIR SWIMMING DO WELL!;
  • Your ability to participate in the race may depend on the conditions on the day.

Water Safety Fee

If you plan to train in any of our sessions with water safety provided by North Curl Curl Surf Club a water safety fee of $80 applies.

3PC Training Fees

  • Training for one person at one session per week without childcare- $680
  • Training for one person at one session per week with childcare for one child- $824
  • Training for a couple without childcare- $1280
  • Training for a couple with childcare for one child at one session per week- $1424
  • Training both Wednesdays and Saturdays.. add $100 

Extra children will be charged at $18 per child per Elite Events Session

Direct Debit Payment

You can pay your fees Upfront or by weekly instalment. 

Ready to go? Just check below for the list of what you'll need before you Sign up and get started

Refreshing Water Temperature

We are starting the program earlier this year so for the first two weeks of the program some people find the water chilly. Get in quickly and start your training. That will keep you warm more than anything else but if you feel you need some thermal support you can buy a wetsuit or thermal rash shirt 2-3mm thick. However they make it harder to get your arms out of the water and you can get rashes from them.

You can buy a tri suit that is good for swimming and running. Really handy. Here are some links:

Swimming Gear Required

Please make sure you bring with you:

  • Goggles;
  • A swimming cap if you feel the cold;
  • Flippers;
  • A kicking board; and
  • Hand paddles.

Waterproof Stopwatch

A waterproof stopwatch the can record your lap times is vital. Most basic digital watches can do it. You only need to be able to record one lap time. It is also great if it has a timer on it and even better if you can set different interval times. At a pinch you can use your phone. Not so good in the pool though.

Go to the 3 Points Challenge Website to Enter

Go to the 3 Points Challenge Website to Enter

2012. Ready Aye Ready! A few nerves and lots of fun. This program gets you ready with North Curl Curl Surf Club providing water safety so we can train in the surf.